Media Club - Darkmoon (USA): '1998 - Vengeance For Withered Hearts (MP3, Photo, Lyrics, Covers)
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   Darkmoon (USA), 1998 -  Vengeance For Withered Hearts

Darkmoon (USA) - Vengeance For Withered Hearts
Band/Artist: Print View Darkmoon (USA)
Album:  Vengeance For Withered Hearts
Type:   Albums
Genre:   Rock
Style:   Black Metal/Post-Black
Year:  1998
Added:  10.05.2005 (updated 31.08.2012)

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1  King Enthroned Upon Ashes Joint stereo 9:19 21.35 Mb320 lyrics $0.26
2  Vengeance For Withered Hearts Joint stereo 5:29 12.58 Mb320 lyrics $0.21
3  From The Moon's Mist We Arise Joint stereo 7:01 16.12 Mb320 lyrics $0.23
4  Wolf Cry Joint stereo 2:23 5.51 Mb320 lyrics $0.18
5  Writhing Glory Joint stereo 6:14 14.31 Mb320 lyrics $0.22
6  Ceremonies Of Flesh Divine Joint stereo 7:19 16.80 Mb320 - $0.23
7  Spirits In My Eyes Joint stereo 6:31 14.97 Mb320 lyrics $0.22

  Total Time  44:16 min:sec
  Total Size  101.67 Mb
  Album Price (app.) 1.55 $

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