Media Club - When Bitter Spring Sleeps: '2013 - Coven Of The Wolves (MP3, Photo, Lyrics, Covers)
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   When Bitter Spring Sleeps, 2013 -  Coven Of The Wolves

When Bitter Spring Sleeps - Coven Of The Wolves
Band/Artist: Print View When Bitter Spring Sleeps
Album:  Coven Of The Wolves
Type:   Albums
Genre:   ElectronicaRock
Style:   AmbientBlack Metal/Post-Black
Year:  2013
Added:  28.08.2013

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n/n track title mode length size bitrate,
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1  Like A Flame In The Fields Joint stereo 8:57 20.59 Mb320 - $0.25
2  Rest In The Ground Joint stereo 9:53 22.70 Mb320 - $0.26
3  Crossing Paths Joint stereo 0:37 1.51 Mb320 - $0.16
4  Coven Of The Wolves Joint stereo 8:15 18.97 Mb320 - $0.24
5  Tomorrow Tribe Joint stereo 1:17 3.01 Mb320 - $0.17
6  The Sky Has Not Always Been This Way Joint stereo 11:52 27.25 Mb320 - $0.29
7  Homestead Hailstorm Joint stereo 8:51 20.36 Mb320 - $0.25

  Total Time  49:42 min:sec
  Total Size  114.42 Mb
  Album Price (app.) 1.62 $

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