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The Sad History Of The World

We always catch on late
After we hurt the ones who care
And then we cry for ages
Yet we never learn to share

The teachings of our fallen heroes
To those who are different
We just repeat this deadly cycle
And become abhorrent

This is it, this is how we sealed our fate
By our hate, by our choice to discriminate
Every messenger we shall incriminate
We bleed the freak and then suffer from our mistake
What we need is some faith and discipline
We need to wash all this innocent blood off our skin
Access the ignorance, the secrets, the lies, and the sin
Reflect on errors of the past and let a future begin

We are monkeys with ammo
Nothing advanced more
We are a needy fucking species
We are dogs of war

Jesus Christ and Pontius Pilate
Martin Luther King and the L.A. riots
This is the sad history of the world
The people that we hate, then we kill, never
Hitler, Bush, and Napoleon
Adam and Eve and the original sin
Lessons lost in time; hatred reoccurs
The sound of scraping metal, the earth can barely turn
Hiroshima and Vietnam
Albert Einstein's atomic bomb
The suffering still continues and always will until the end of time
Why do we expel the ones that could save us?
Maybe it's time that we shut up and listen

Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy
A fatal shot to democracy
Area 51, cancer and AIDS
The holocaust and the crusades
The truth is buried
We kill what we don't understand
Maybe it's time to expand our feeble minds

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