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Proclaiming The Apocalypse

Tyrants Baphomets will come
they will transform the earth into desert and loneliness
signals in the skies, signals of the destination,
gelid no mercy future
and it will be for the arrogance of their might
the destruction of the church's angel
There is the great scarlet dragon here
because of the harlot mother gave birth to the snake
then the anger of the dragon will be immense
the beast that ascends from the abysses,
will make war against them and he will defeat them
and he will open their mouth full with blasphemies.
Then there will be lightning’s, voices and thunders
and a great earth tremor, such a big earthquake,
that there never was not since the men
have been on the earth.
as fire that burns the mount
as flames that hugs the superb forest

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