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Headie Mung Festizzo

The night is young our mouths are drooling
For sexual chaos, in the cemetery
A headie mung salute to the graveyard perversions that be

The tombs went back to far to see
So we raged all night on PCP
The first body was exhumed the night began
We tossed the bitch belly-up on sand

A classic mung scenario
With me the catcher and Griffin the jumper
Positioned for mung driven madness
My mouth in front of her rotted pussy
Waiting for dead excretions to vomit from the depths of her cunt
As his feet left the ground a moment of thruth sent chills down our spines
As the boots sank deep in her stomach a tsunami of rot exits her pussy
My mouth is filled with puss and insects
A hint of embalming fluid lingers in my throat while maggots crawl around my teeth
The smell that accompanied this treasure made me gag on the corpse
Now covered in vomit, blood, and putrefaction we will move on

Juices and discharge

The night is young our mouths are drooling for sexual chaos in the cemetery
I am a fucking mung machine
We won't stop till we mung this graveyard clean

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