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Hang'em And Beng'um

A violent calamity lay bleeding in front of me
With a railroad spike through her feet, she hangs from my cellar ceiling
Her face is bloated and her eyes hemorrhage for the pressure

Just last night I was thrashing her like a fucking pinata
Her bones shattered when I took crowbars to her knees and ribcage
After she awoke from her pain-driven coma, she found hey pussy lips and
Nipples connected to a high-voltage electric wires
Clitoral Electrocution
The sparks flew as I dumped water on her rapidly convulsing figure

After the finger nails were ripped off she was ready to be fucked
The teeth were removed with an iron fist
Her nose broken by swinging chains
The tears could not be covered when her eyelids were cut out

After probing her asshole with awkward household items from broomsticks to butcher knives,
I glided inside her like an eight-year-old on a slip-and-slide

I fucked hey upside-down body till blood ran one with my cam and gore seeped from her pores
Her head was inserted through a vice on the floor
The metal walls boarded her chin and skullcap
As the vice closed her brain spayed out her fucking ears

Cerebral soap will be prepared
Her inner mind will soon be shared

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