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Your Mutha's A Lazy Eyed Chow Bearing Slut But I Fuck Her Anyway

I've always had desires for Glen's mom - 450 pounds of creator packed cellulite
All that pussy for my cock's delight

Every time she bends over, I want to cram my dick
Into her dirty fuck bucket of an asshole
I can smell the funk ooze from her pussy

When Glen was M.I.A, I figured that I would pay
A visit to his chow-bearing slut of a mother
Wishing and praying that I could fuck her
I would fuck her
She opened the door - looking like a beast on steroids
So I ripped her pants off and punched her in the forehead

Her gunt fat was busting out of her crotchless panties!!!

Fucking fatty tumors and cock smacking her dimple infested asshole
And her hreasy pussy smelt like dead animals

I wasted no time and let my dick get lost in her onion-reeking fat rolls
Her ass crust is a treat that melts in your mouth
Not in your hand
Prepare for Anal Excavation
Her cavity was stretched from warped
Shit had accumulated from parts she couldn't reach
I worked her pussy till she was cumming

I fucked her shit hole until she bled from her fatty pores
Then I blew my load on her soiled cunt
I grabbed my bitch by what used to be her neck and tossed her on the floor

A beached whale lay
Bleeding in front of me

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