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Mutlate Remodified

There's no fucking way to escape my evil
Carefully thought out this technical procedure
Before I begin I'll give a painful preview
Piercing every inch with burning red needles


There is no comfort here, no drugs to sooth your pain
Thousands of pins stuck in your skin, It's just the beginning of the end
Strapped to the table with your lips sewn
You can taste the malevolence, I can smell the horror in the air
Such a carnal experience
Your locked in solitude, where you'll be chastised
My own private purgatory, this twisted empire
I will work to change your body, to alter your anatomy
Don't mistake this science for lunacy
Mutilated and Modify!!!

Stab hooks through your pussy lips, muffled screams muscles twich
Stick a few through your clitoris
Connect the hooks to fishing lines, pull and tug and tie them off
Writhing pain through your nipples
Disfigured genitals

Meat hooks-piercing the skin scrapping the bone
Blood-dripping down your arms, seeping out the stab wounds
Molested-Annaly probed with barbed wire

Friction - Feel the cold steel ripping through your flesh
I'll keep you alive for one more day then chop you up and bag your remains
Generate your nerves with searing pain

I masturbate at the site of my tyranny
Been drained of all your energy
Hung in the air so prepares to die
Drained of all your energy, can't fight immobilized body
Tie the rope around her waist!!!

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