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At Sea

"I feel like a bird without a song.“ I feel like a bird without a
tree. I feel like a bird. Featherless. I feel like a bird without a
melody. „There is no passion running through my veins.“ Anymore. And I
am not brave enough to handle this pain. „I feel old. Hypnotized. It's
cold.“ So cold. Even if the sun's arms try to weave a blanket to warm
my heart. My senses stagger on fragile pavements. I am to weak to sail
against wind and tide. Do you remember the stones? I guess you do
cause you carried me to the pier. No sailor, no seaman. Only the
sea. You and me and one last breath. I can't see you anymore cause
liquid salt dims my sight. I can't hear you anymore cause I prefer to
listen to the ballads of the waves instead of listening to your
valediction. Dear Liv Ivy, I can't feel you anymore.

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