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2,dawn Of Ice Hearts

From the ashes of fallen angels,

Where cursed shadows of death grow

the cruel black winds never end,

Beneath the mists of descending night,

Cold as the depths of winters frost,

Rise the horns of a dark new

Raising the flag of ascending scourge,

Freezing the hearts of men
and extinguishing their fire.

From the infamous Frostland throne

the unsuspecting and unfortunate souls below;

Spreading unhallowed wings of

Plague like, over the war fields.

Begins an era of death and
bitter emptiness

The dawn of ice hearts

Transformed through infectious
barbaric rites

Performed by spiritually bereft prisoners of self delusion.

Frozen poison flows from inhuman veins.

Emptiness pouring from silent

Enslaved by hatred, tormented by loneliness,

The land grows cold
and black.

Frostland kings

Crowned with serpents,

Frostland kings

Covered with sores.

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