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Dark Winter Skies

In Winter's March through ageless forests the forestland gates are splintered unleashing a legacy of terror and pain evil's breath in unrelenting storm winds clutches at my still warm heart.

I feel the hands of death around my soul hatred conceived by my spirits of rebellion. driving troops in deathly processions. embracing piercing. frozen winds from behind the curtain of the night. riding until the command is given dictating desecration thought rituals of war.

Under the endless blackened skies unrelenting legions of hate splattering sorrow across the frosland. binding their own souls in eternal darkness. bringing spiritual winter of those who burned with devotion rendering them silent. lifeless with despair.

In bleak desolation, men fail and fall motionless as the enemy descends. Frozen in fear the weakened few tremble twisted shadows rise to embrace their prey.

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