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Blood On Ice

in freezing night. beyond the mountains. ice covers the face of the earth i breathe the cold air of a frozen age.

Across the vast frostland domain has ween unleashed an unmerciful bleak winter. colder and darker than all ages past. shadows prevail across the barren lands. The sunlight a fading hope. Black skies cover the forsaken plains beyond the living realm mortal minds decay.

Blood on ice. screams of war and legions die

Moonlight radiant upon my face i feel the quickening of my thawing hart i raise my sword and turn towards the darkness.

Standing in defiance. i feel my strength return my war cry cuts through the frosty air souls of once fallen warriors are rising.

Upon the hills i see legions marching on under inspired command against the evil throne. moonshine reflects on swords. star lit shields glisten throughout the darkness. the enemy's blood will fall to the ground. the sound of war will break the silence.

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