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Where I Want To Be

In the back of my mind,
Well I fought my god
'cause all of the hell that's in my time.
But I can still see the birds
And where they went this year.
Our winter made things hazy
And I know that I was losing site of my hometown,
And in my blacking out
I think I let you down.
Don't let them try to save me
'cause I'm already crazy.
And there is something in your face
That pulls me far enough away.
I guess that I always knew that I'd find you when I thought
That I'd be letting out my darkest now,
And in my climbing out I think I let you live.
I wish you'd try to save me,
Your silence makes me crazy.
It takes a lot to say that something is fate,
I kind of know where you're headed.
Am I too up front, or am I just on time?
Well where is your head at?
I reached my point, I let them down.
I slept in the worst part of this town.
You are my song, and you are where I want to be.
I want to take those steps I never have.
I need to stand up straight so I can feel your breath.
I really think for once that I can change;
It's really not that bad.
I'm learning now that I was wrong in everything
And there's a reason why I think that I can grow;
It's really not that bad.
It's in the way you had, it's in the way you had
Me all wrapped up like I'm a part of something finally,
And I'm never looking back.

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