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Settle Down

I gave my things away. I called the people that I only see on holidays, this next year's going to burn a hole in me. I spent my weekdays in my car and the weekends drinking hard enough for two. I think I'll settle down one of these days, till I catch my breath. I feel the weight of the world on my back but I'm not feeling sick to death. Because I laid awake in bed and thought of better times. I never want to sleep 'cause I found apathy in laying down and never waking up. I learned a lot today cus' there's a reason why I'll never live the easy way, I'm trying to be real. I wrote down words inside my arm that say "I'll never walk alone" 'cause I get tired. I know I'll have my friends in every way, so I caught my breath, and for the first time I found what I'm looking for. Yeah, I went down. Yeah, I found a way. In the city where my father was born I had a dream I moved out west. I finally found out what I wanted to be so I picked up where I left; and I waited two more years and covered up my ears. I think I'm ready to sing this time. I really think I'm gone.

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