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A Space To Grow

Six long hours in my head, I watched people in cars. It made me feel like I'm living, I guess it's never that hard. Let's live outside of the city and blame the ones that I loved for all the shit that I carried when I was never enough. I found a cut somewhere where we could all lay. The world was waking up and I'm learning now, that my heart isn't breaking down; it's my world. So pray with me, pray with me, pray with me, 'cause I'm spent. Yeah, I spent them all. Those long confusing hours with my mind turned on. The world was getting louder. I found myself on edge; my feet were over water, just a song in my head that reminded me I'll never be alone. I found a cut somewhere where we could all stay. It's frank, and it's fucked but I'm learning now that my heart isn't breaking down; It's my world. So I'll take another look at my life and give everything I own to all the people in my heart. I am free, I am freezing. I am wrong. I am so obscure it's terrible, and I'm loved, but in between the cars they bother me. I helped make the art that hangs on your walls and plays in your heart; it stays in your arms. You're not a machine, I'm sure of that. You're every bit like me. You gave up on your dreams and now you're stuck with that. You settled for the pencil days. I'm a paint brush in a way. I'm simple, yeah, I'm plain. I'm colored all the same. I have meaning if you find it in yourself. I'll sell myself or not, like I really give a fuck I'm just an artist on a shelf.

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