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Nibiru Assassins

From the summits of the Sirian domain
Benevolent sorceress
She is the love and wrath
That quickens the dead
She is the angel web
Behold the aeon of Maat
She doth shine-from the Sirian domain
I have been chosen-by her mighty passion
To stand from the pits-of the conquering end!

She is the web-
Opening out the withering path-
Of demented silence.
The seals of the 12 Olden
Are in the chains of fire
She is the web-
Genines in the stormgate
Transform throughout me
In the furnace of your vision in reptillian blue and golden skin!

My heart is black-with tyranny whisper your
screaming flames into my veins
She is the angel-That ignites the pestilant winds
For she does know the tongue of Oanner an the
dragon kings the powers of the 12 thunder beast
Are set encrowned upon her head the women of the serpents wind!

Her beauty is studded with the sovereignty eyes
Of my celestial chamber and my celestial shrine-
She bewitches-the red deserts-on the dark days-
of rebellion

She has shadowed her bewitching eyes welcoming the
zenith, of my storm-Form the maelstrom-of the earth-I have been chosen-by her mighty passion

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