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Masticatione Mortuorum

Hide this face
We have lost our trace
Psychological misery, anymore
The search of beings to perceive a code
Can't escape from this pitiful hate

Vultures of Chaos flew to human dust
Hatred by a ravishing sign of lies
Colouring our soul with tools

Eat your brains, to the disgust of this fucking life!!!

Undress the skin
to show death
To preserve darkness
and kill the fight
Feed this corpse
to realize the price
Of the debt
by the ebbing of light

Clinging unto the forest, our mind
Leaves behind the forgotten time

The rise of civilizations, darkness below
Here to take the blood of Nazarene

Masticatione Mortuorum!!!

Inside, the shade purges lust
Vanquished by desire, succumb to death
Grip the wings of Dianum
Eman Etan, Give your soul to Satan

The rising fullmoon swept life away

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