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The Good, the Bad and the Leftover Crack

About a gang of motherfuckers who ride into town
gonna rob the fuckin' bank an gonna burn it down
we're gonna fuck shit up untill we get our fill
when we see the crooked law, we're gonna KILL KILL KILL

we're the good, the bad & the leftover crack
so the lamb of god better watch his fuckin' back
with a whiskey drink we'll ride into the night
we're gonna right the wrongs, an' gonna wrong the fuckin' rights

And in the morning, we'll ride into your town
we're gonna sleep all day & when the sun goes down
we're gonna go to church & then we'll burn it up
and then we'll drink a fuckin' toast from a dixie cup

we're the good, the bad & the leftover crack
so the lamb'a god better watch his fuckin' back
we're gonna fix the cops, we're gonna kill em dead
we're gonna' burn'em up & then we'll go to fuckin' bed

And the sweet release of the hangman's rope
may be the burning outlaws only hope
ya' burn the candle at both ends til the end of the day
well it's better to burn out then to fade the fuck away

so if you wanna join us dial 6 6 6
spit on the holy bible and the crucifix
and fuckin' don't look back, cuz you can never look back
we are the bad, the ugly & the good leftover crack

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