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Hole in the Sky

I make it through these nights
Lying on my back
Talking in my sleep
Conjuring faces that I make up in my mind
Where do they come from?
What are their names?
They are running away
They run away

Listen for the church bells
They don't call me home
Will you wait for me?
Will you wait?

It's me, hello
Is there anybody listening?
Are we alone in this world
With nobody watching over?
I know it's not too late
To think that there's something
Or is it just a hole in the sky?
What does the darkness hide?

Lately I don't find justice in the means
The end is a circle
I see in my dreams
I'm a dog chasing tail
Black, boned and frail
Spinning closer to center
Lights out and enter
The hole in the sky
Where I go when I die
All gravity no light
It's a parody of my life
Undeniable, survivable
Salvation that’s contrivable
Or will I turn into a hole in the sky?

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