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Find the Right Words

Old smoke and porch lights
We try to capture the years gone by
In a song

Can we
Write so all their eyes can see?
A memory
A memory that we can't show
A rhyme without a note
A voice without a throat
So sing along

For all the things I wish I’d said
For sleepless nights that I spent
With my best friends
The strings we'd bend
I want so bad to explain
Just how much this has changed who I became
We’ll never be the same
We chased a dream out on the road
Not always knowing where to go
Or who would know, if they’d show
We see the faces from the stage
Familiar ones, a stranger’s gaze
To each we play
As if the sound won’t fade

I can’t find the right words
I just can’t find the right words

To mean anything your heart can’t speak
Can’t you see this means everything?

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