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She was a wide eyed child with a couple friends
Runnin' round in her daddy's bed
So they been looking for me up and down
Gets the word and it gotten around
I told her to come back in a couple years but
She started shaking and it came to tears
I could stand to see her pouty face
So I gave her just a little taste
Of Sugarcane, aw Sugarcane

It's like shootin' sugar straight to your brain

Later on, here come mama
More assets, let's drama
Said her old man he was outta town
The queen was out to lose another crown
You should have seen the way she looked at me well
I said this sugar daddy wasn't free well
She had the money but no time to waste
And she came for more than just a taste
Of Sugarcane, aw Sugarcane

It's like jumping on a runaway train
Sugarcane, aw Sugarcane


Past midnight, pool party
Everybody getting kinda naughty
Everyone was up for getting down
Always bring enough to go around
The band was slamming and the bar was free
The girls were dancing with a guarantee
Started lining up around the place
Causing everybody had to have a taste
Of Sugarcane, aw Sugarcane

Keep dancing ladies, you'll make it rain
Sugarcane, aw Sugarcane

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