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Prison Of Fear

I don't know what happens here - The strong feeded by an oblying weak
Those who oppose are discredited - now as enemies of their country
The big democracy is already dead - Praise the reign of ignorance
Fill the heads of women and men - With an oppressing sense of menace
Everyone is scarred by their shadow - Closing their mind and blinding their eyes
Bying weapons to feel fully protected - Rivers of money to the house of death
Ignorance condemn us all - Noone escape from this insanity
How could they live with fear inside? - Why they didn't think and free their mind?
Because the truth is just behind - A bloody curtain of hypocrisy
Waved by empty greedy people - Painted with floods of their children
To eat everything they see - No matter if they're eating themselves
No more depression - No more illusions
I see more than you can hide (you fool)
No more corruption - No more LIES!
To Kill - To Crush - To Eat - OUR MINDS
This is your idea of world - You keep your people in
A cage made of fear - That chain their forgotten souls
You cannot fool me - Only I can build my future
Mind is the key - To unlock your prison of fear

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