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Eyes Of The World

Locked inside
A step in the sun
Losing time
But controlling the one

That feral genius
Is sick to the touch
To sever a secret
We love it too much

I see the innocent swell
Then they put me back in my cell
There's no permanent law
I can't forget what I saw

And maybe just about the time that I catch my breath
I remember all the things that led down to it

You tell me it's wrong
To try to pretend
This subversion
Won't happen again

The weight of indifference
It swings for the fence
At least we can try
Forever in debt

And the eyes of the world turn pale
Don't tell me how the price will fall justified on time
Just a measure of the proxy line stealing what's been said
Depreciated in the righteous vein sold on down the line
We're keeping weight on the arterial flow a static piece in time

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