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Living Target

1 couplet:
I can see only fear and the gun in my hands
And I have to live in this world
World of pain where is not place for me
World which not reach for my soul
I don't know where the truth, who is right and who's not
Where the lie and whom I beleave
I just soldier and I have not fear to die
But I want that my way was clear

2 couplet:
I can feel breath of death on my face and my back
Blood and fear is my drugs and my pain
When I run all can see target over my head
But my freedom with me will remain
I can hear only cry and the funeral speach
Broken hopes, thousend grey waisting lives
Children take the guns instead of funny toys
War it's game and we glad when we fight

It's time to kill, I hear the syriens scream
I'm living target in this game
One day I'll die, I see the lake of fire
And my sing go away with my name

3 couplet:
Time goes by but wedon't get the wise
Ash of life and destruction around
Every day in the world flares up new conflict
Make the evil the beast in the crown
War again and I see only blood on my hands
And surrounds me only the grief
I'm awake and I see, see the ghosts of my friends
But I know it's time to break free

Refrain (2)

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