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Ode To Destruction

I've thought enough for both of us
But I barely said a word
I been back and forth a thousand times
Hoping not to lose
And I know I should take it slow
But I've never followed suit
And this ache you gave it dies with me
So this time I'm finally through
But I wish it wasn't true
And so it goes

I may wish I'd disappear
Let the record slow

As the distance grows
It's like I always feared
I never gave enough
And I never wanted to
But still I think of you
Would you waste some time on me?
Am I a waste of time?

If you're around next year
Even for a day
Would you show your face?

And lay those eyes on me
Because I'm a sight to see
I've survived so much on my own
You'll bite your tongue

We're deaf to those that tell us truths
That we don't wanna hear
So here's to those that wish us well
The rest can go to hell

Life's a waste without you and me
Life's a waste without you and me
I don't wanna be
I don't wanna be
I don't wanna be that way
You're never getting rid
No you're never getting rid
You're never getting rid of me
And so it goes

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