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Hail the welkin's evening gown
And the diamonds up high
I write my ode full of awe
Under turning night skies
See the touch of the divine
On the canvas sublime
See the stars meet their end
As the new day ascends

Into the bower of bosky vaults
Upon the misty pathway
To be draped by the moon
And by its gloomy veil
I hear a solemn serenade
All my demons away
Drink the wine of the dark
And feel the light of the day

Upon the shoulders of mountain high
Upon the boulders of grey
Covered by autumn clouds
As the sights fade away
Behold a silent majesty
Standing lonely and proud
In its marvel and its might
In its misty shroud

Winds and storms, lakes rivers and seas
Sun and sky, land, forests and heaths
Mark well what is said here
As I'm filled with rapture

I sail on raging waves
Onto a distant shore
Cross the vast seven seas
I feel peace in the storms
Fear the darkness of the deep
Ever present the void
As alone as one can be
I feel nothing but joy

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