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Where Do Owls Sleep?

i. Karma Relative
Grant'd all are greater or lesser reborn
am I the lever pick from a bird's view?
Could wake a king and with wing as howlet sweep
tell me:
-Where do owls sleep?

Out of the sow's ear is not made a silk purse
from feculence yet tuft of wheat stemeth
Since thusly from fallen rise aught such we reap
tell me:
-Where do owls sleep?

Earth to earth, ashes to ashes
Sowing, harvest, forage, dung
One day zephyrs shift to gashes
And fruits plummet whence they've

Predestined is the price some say
In favor be my bet of chance
That fate's concluded 'long our way
rather than resolved in advance
Routine detour - surprise cliche?
I stand by happenstance!

Way of Wyrd
Dwell rain, vulture and forget-me-not
'till all lifeforce hath gone
from sepulture, shieldskin that doth rot,
my soul to carrion
(my soul to carrion)

Extoleth in lament the hereafter
thy crack'd a voice
Yet was wrought conviction like words were
shouldst thou not rejoice?

ii. Dogmatic Faiths; A Pagan Perspective

Be crucial the crusifix 'yond casket's rim
afterlife fitteth man but where wend beast?
If not to kingdom on high nor Stygian deep,
tell me:
-Where do owls sleep?

Some be of asperity and some are salt,
others still tailor'd with less and rarer
Why toss at kismet's hand or turn in Zeus' keep
tell me:
-Where do owl's sleep?

Carpe diem - memento mori
fallen ill, aged or up-truss'd
Notwithstanding every story,
spine and column turn to dust

Anon the sun whirl'd the earth 'round
some play past nature's cycles still
Ever the mortal coil's rewound
Auld brace and bit - pneumatic drill
When is our next 'paradigm found'
what won't last and what will?

The More Things Change...
'Twixt sylvan changelings and abducting 'greys',
leaps of faith equal 'bout one roman pace

...the More They Stay the Same
Yorick poor - unearth'd, inert
what of the man that once thou wert?
Embalm'd, burn'd. whelm'd in cryogen
to be or not to be again?

iii. This Defeat, This Victory

Hail! Hail!
The king is dead - Long live the king
Hail! Hail!
From toppled oak shooteth a sapling

'Loss and possession
Death and life are one
There falls no shadow where
There shines no sun'
(-Hilaire Belloc)

Live! Live!
If we prevail just long enow
Die! Die!
Then we also forfeit somehow

Forsaking and forgiving
on hunt, at war, in strife
Live for sake of living
and die to give for consequence of life

Way of Wyrd
Drain well vulture (and forget me not),
'till all lifeforce hath gone,
(from sepulture) shieldskin that doth rot
my soul to carry on
(my soul to carry on)

Extoleth in lament the hereafter
thy crack'd a voice
Yet was wrought conviction like words were
shouldst thou not rejoice?

iv. Where Ye Go - There Ye Be

Is death same at beggar's side
in crib, rectory and king's castle,
unto hornets who sting and willows that weep?
tell me:
-Where do owls sleep?

With naught fall by in confinement
With naught sally forth thro' urn
Whither henceforth, whence this advent?
Withdraw, trancend or return?

v. On Wings of a Dream...

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