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Semiotic Love

I will ask you this, "Can you spare a kiss?"
Can you picture this coming from my lips?
I'll whisper from miles away.
I will send you this and seal it with a kiss.
Can you take this lipstick and lightplay and carry it miles away?
I will walk across the ocean to where the sky meets the sea and give this ghost my devotion to keep you from me.
Just say goodbye.
I live and I'll die hooked on a star, enraptured by the sky, in love with a satellite.
I can now admit I'm lost in loveliness.
Who could just resist distant beauty?
Find me if you find a way.
You may love it if you tried this detachment.
From this distance the beauty burns brightly.
It's warmer from worlds away.
I'll stare forever and love whatever breaks my heart.

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