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The Crucifixion of Possessions

Make the choice between wrong and right
The religion thrives - stand up and fight!
Their forefathers were false and blind
Leaving their mark on the skin of mankind
Pray to the gods and worship the goods
The lie carries on in pain and blood

The pain they bear is on their arms
The nails are now nailed in our palms
On their cross, we leave our sign
I've given yours, now you give mine
Material wealth is a physical curse
A pockmark on the skin of the earth

Hypocrite lies
Baby cries
Father dies
Why? Why? Why?

Hysterical laughter is no real action
I pledge no support to any mindless faction

Cry, cry, cry
Buy, buy, buy
Make the choice
Use your voice

They are the ones who affect the stigmata
I refuse to become a martyr
Consume, consume - a capitalist obsession
I refuse to become the crucifixion of possessions

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