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The Answer

How many times must I go through this pain?
So many loved ones lost with nothing gained
Sometimes I feel like I can't go on
Where do we go when we move to the great beyond?
It really seems so hard today
Don't think I can keep going on this way
So many things that remind me of you
Please tell me what is there left for me to do?
I know that someone must feel the same
This cold hard emptiness drives me insane
I always feel as if something's wrong
These feelings I have are really much too strong
Sometimes I don't know what to say
It weights too heavy now, it kills my brain
So mant times that I think of you
Please help me do what I need to do

So many fears so much pain

So many tears who is to blame?
Out of my mind thinking of you
Why must we die? What can I do?

I'm looking for the answer

Don't fear it today

I'm looking for the answer

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