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Perverted Decadent Dying Love

Despair is floating all around me. Visions of a haunted nightmare. These nights are filled with pain. Taste of regret. A cold feeling penetrates in me. I remember her inocent face. I remember her bewitching aura. Her presence still perfumes my nights. With irritating pictures of pain. The worst end was already imagined. I feel that I will perish soon. This taste of this suffering is coming again after day. Night after night. I see the decomposed image of my progressive fall. Scars on my skin are the only proof of our miserable existence. Sometimes, I can remember when you danced all over me. A perverse game which I wanted to lose. Now I can admit that I have lost. I'm waiting for the Black Eternity. The one who takes you out of this world for ever. Only this cold Sudden Death can deliver me. Perverted, Decadent, Dying love.

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