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The Crowned And Conquering Hag

This night Rise from the depths of
Swamp fright Look at her putrid
Face the Truth about your
Foul lies and your deceit
Steal souls Deep down in the
Dark hole Cast forth into
The murk Where evil dwells
And the pain still lurks
Her acrid breath nightmarish ways
Can tell a tale and blue your skin
She must return with bartered sin
And the Crowned and Conquering Hag
Has a message for you
The Crowned and Conquering Hag
Will watch what you do
You must pay for your devil deeds
She grasps for hate archaic grip takes hold
Lucidity is lost as you sink into the mold
Condemned Shock of malaise
Foresight Through the swamp haze
Freedom is Now gone
In the clutches of the captor

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