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Satanic Slut

Summon up the hounds of hell
A demon dogs domain
Laughing at the holy cross
And chanting Satans name
Plundering a virgins cunt
And ripping out her guts
Another whore of evil made
We call Satanic Slut Satanic Slut
Now the wench is laid
Spread eagle on the bed
You have had your way
A sexual need is fed
She begins to writhe
Her smile full of lust
Youre condemned to Hell
By the Satanic Slut Satanic Slut
This bitch of hell starts to grin
She can turn a holy man to a world of sin
Taste the sweet nectar that comes from her hole
First you loose your body
and then you loose your soul
Wait until the night
She will call to thee
You have paid the toll
For the fucking fee
Nothing but a liar
Your morals have been cut
Compromise your virtue
By the Satanic Slut

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