Media Club - Halliwell, Geri (Geri Halliwell) (MP3, Photo, Lyrics, Covers)
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  Halliwell, Geri

Halliwell, Geri
  Band/Artist:  Halliwell, Geri
Country:  England
Genre:  Dance;  Pop
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2004-10-18Geri drops surname for chart assault
Geri Halliwell is dropping her surname for her latest assault on the charts. The artist formerly known as Ginger Spice will ditch Halliwell to promote her new album. So from now she's to be known as just Geri, says The Sun. The singer is also now dotting the 'i' in her name with a star. She releases comeback single Ride It next month.
Source: Ananova
2004-10-06Robbie sees dead people
Robbie Williams says he used to live in a haunted house. The star has confessed he saw ghosts while living in former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr's Los Angeles house. According to Femalefirst quoting Radio 1 he said: "When I moved out, the removal men wouldn't go in because of the old lady sitting in the chair." He added: "Ringo's son, Zak Starkey, said to me: 'I hear you're in my old place,' because his dad used to own it. And he asked if I'd seen the children in the garden and the old lady. Well, I never saw the kids but, but the old lady certainly kept cropping up." The singer also says after his brush with the paranormal he now wants to launch a new career - as a TV psychic. Robbie, who has been linked with a string of beauties including former Spice Girls - Geri Halliwell and Nip/Tuck star Valerie Cruz, revealed he's obsessed with the supernatural and wants to host his own programme on the subject. He said: "I want to do a whole TV series on paranormal things. I'm really intrigued. "I'm pretty open for it to be real, but I'm also quite open for it to be the power of suggestion too. I just want to find out. I really want to get a TV show, perhaps on Living TV," he said.
Source: Ananova
2004-06-15Spice Girls drop greatest hits album for now
The Spice Girls have dropped plans to release a greatest hits album after a series of rows between them. The Sun says the five have pulled the release date because Mel C didn't want to be part of a concert promoting the CD. And bosses at Virgin Records refused to spend millions of pounds plugging the disc unless all five agreed to sing at the one-off gig. The paper says Melanie B, Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell and Victoria Beckham were keen to go ahead with the show. But apparently Melanie C still believes she can find solo success, says the paper. A source said: "Mel refuses to join the girls on stage because she still dreams of making it big by herself. But she's on her smallest tour ever - and that's struggling. "She told the others she was happy to do TV interviews to plug the album but that was it. The money men at Virgin said a big concert was the only way to guarantee massive publicity, so they pulled plans for a release in the first week of November. The source added: "They have agreed to release the greatest hits in 2006. It's billed as ten years of the Spice Girls since they released their first single Wannabe in 1996. "The girls reckon Mel will be back with her tail between her legs by then. Her solo career will be a distant memory so she'll have no choice but to jump on the bandwagon."
Source: Ananova
2004-06-07Mel B and Ginger Spice bump into each other in LA
Former Spice Girl Melanie B says she didn't have much to say to Ginger Spice when the pair met recently in Los Angeles. Scary Spice, who is trying to carve out an acting career, bumped into Geri Halliwell while out shopping recently, says the Daily Star. She said: "I had just left a department store in LA and Geri was right there in front of me. I was like: "Er, hi." I had nothing to say. "Moments like that are just so awkward. With Geri, it's like we were sisters but now we're both totally doing our own things so it was really weird meeting her like that. "We just don't have the time to see each other any more. And there's nothing I would really want to say to her anyway," added Mel B. She also said she is determined to take her acting seriously and is currently gearing up to star in the Broadway musical Rent. "Ideally I would love to produce and star in a US sitcom," she said.
Source: Ananova
year title tracks added
2005 Passion 2005 12 25.05.2005
2001 Scream If You Wanna Go Faster 2001 12 30.05.2003
1999 Schizophonic 1999 10 30.05.2003
 Singles, Mini-CD's, EP's
2005 Desire (Single) 2005 2 29.12.2010
2004 Ride It (Single) 2004 2 29.12.2010
2001 Calling (Single) 2001 3 29.12.2010
2001 It's Raining Men (Single) 2001 3 29.12.2010
2001 Scream If You Wanna Go Faster (Single) 2001 3 29.12.2010
2000 Bag It Up (Single) 2000 3 29.12.2010
1999 Mi Chico Latino (Single) 1999 3 29.12.2010
1999 Lift Me Up (Single) 1999 4 29.12.2010
1999 Look At Me (Single) 1999 3 29.12.2010
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