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What is Media-Club?

Our project is an informational, promotional & multimedia club.

It was designed to provide maximum ease of navigation and search.

All materials presented in the Media-Club are licensed for online distribution in accordance with:

  • license agreement N° I-01/06 given by State Enterprise "Ukrainian Agency on Copyright and Related Rights" within its repertory (UACRR);
  • license agreement N° 01/10/06 given by "Moon Records" Label;
  • license agreement N° 01/10/06 given by "Melody-Ukraine" Label.
  • license agreement N° 03-I given by Authors agency "Honest Music".
  • license agreement N° 01/07/07 given by "Rostkar" Company.
  • license agreement N° 199 given by COMP Music.
  • license agreement N° 0107-2010/M given by CD-Maximum.
  • license agreement N° LI/AC - 04 given by UMPG.
Under these license agreements and the Ukrainian Copyright Law, the Media-Club pays out fees for all downloaded materials.
The above materials are for personal use only. Any further distribution, resale or broadcasting are prohibited.
You will be directly responsible for using the material downloaded from the Media-Club according to your applicable local and international laws. You will need < to register > to access the mp3 music archive.
  • On every album page, you will find the download cost for every individual track in the download column to the right from the track column.
  • There are no monthly payments. You only pay for the files you download.
  • Choose the most convenient payment option:
    • By Credit or debit card VISA, MasterCard, VISA Electron, MasterCard/Eurocard.
    • - an internet payment system.

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