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Frequently Asked Questions

     You can send any questions to our e-mail:

Q:  Do musicians and labels get paid for the MP3s I download?
A:  Yes. M-Club splits all of the profits from members fees with the label or artist trough "Ukrainian Agency on Copyright and Related Rights". M-Club is a legitimate downloadable music service that compensates artists and labels for their work, without sacrificing convenience or low-cost.
More about legal info for authors and record labels can be found here.

Q:  How does M-Club protect against piracy?
A:  We trust our customers. We believe that if downloadable music is presented in an inexpensive and flexible way, most consumers will do the right thing.
M-Club does not include any type of Digital Rights Management or complex security rules in our music files -- just pure, open MP3. In addition, we provide our customers with extremely flexible rights for the music they purchase and download, allowing them to easily transfer their music files to portable MP3 players and burn them on to compact discs using CD-R.
For more details, please read our MP3 Users' Rights & Responsibilities chapter below.

Q:  How can i download my files to iPhone (iPad)?
A:  We can advice alternate browsers, not Safari. You can try iCab Mobile (Web Browser) or Mercury Web Browser. Both of it have their own download folder, so you can easy get mp3 files to your device.

Q:  My proxy blocks access to MP3 files. Can I download it with another extension?
A:  In some cases corporate network's (intranet) properties don't allow to load files with extention mp3 (*.mp3). You may change extention for above mentioned mp3 files which you're going to load at page. When loading will be completed you just have to restore files' extention (*.mp3).

Q:  Is there anywhere on Media Club's web site where I can see how much data I can still download?
A:  You have to be logged in in order to see your account balance. You can view your account information on every page of the M-Club in the Status window on the right side of the page. You will see your account balance in USD, as well as the link to the Add Funds page.

Q:  I can not download some of the albums. There is N/A instead of the link to MP3. Am I doing something wrong?
A:  That means that you are viewing promotional information about the albums that are soon to be released. On the same page you will see the date when the album will be released and when you will be able to download it. In rare cases, some albums are unavailable due to the Author's or Rights Holder's request, in which case the term is not defined. Our apologies, but that is beyond our control.

Q:  How many MP3's can I download simultaneously (at the same time)?
A:  The quantity of the download streams is unlimited.

Q:  How do I register?
A:  You can register by clicking the Register link on any page of the Media Club and filling out required information on the registration page.

Q:  How do I log out?
A:  In order to log out you simply need to close all browser windows.

Q:  I forgot my password!
A:  Choose Cancel in authorization window. You will be taken to the next screen where you simply click << I Forgot My Password >> and enter the email address, when prompted, that you have used during the registration process. Your password will be sent to the email address that you specified during the registration. You can also click this link << Forgot password >>.

Q:  I have registered successfully but did not receive my password in the email. I have tried to retrieve my password on Password reminder page and still to no avail. Am I doing something wrong?
A:  Check your e-mail settings and make sure that "Human-Generated Only" filter is turned OFF. Also check your SPAM folder.

Q:  What are the (fresh), (new) and (updated) tabs in the catalogue?
A:  (fresh) - List of albums has been updated within the past 30 days;
(updated) - List of albums has been updated in the last 7 days;
If the tabs are next to the album: (new) indicates newly added album, (updated) - shows updated album (newer edition or additional tracks).

Q: How do I change the language in which I receive M-Club news via email?
How do I subscribe or unsubscribe to the M-Club news?
How do I remove my account?
A:  All of the following and more you can do on the "Edit Profile" page.

Q:  I am an authorized user, but when I attempt to login, I am unable to download files from Media-Club. I am connected from the intranet via firewall.
A:  There are several issues that could cause that:
- In your browser settings, change setting for Checking of Pages Updates from "Automatic" to "Each Visit";
- Authorization issues in Internet Explorer 5 can cause the problem. Update to version 6 or above;
- Your network's firewall is blocking the connection. Please contact your System or Network Administrator.

Q:  What is the cost of downloading MP3's from Media-Club?
A:  Price of each track is listed just to the right of the track's download checkbox.

Your Personal Rights & Responsibilities as an MP3 User

Being the ukrainian leading proponent of inexpensive and easy-to-use downloadable music, M-Club believes in a consumer's lawful rights to encode, copy, collect, purchase and listen to their personal music collections in the MP3 format. We fully support an MP3 user's right to:
  • "Rip" and encode their own CD music collections into digital music files for their own personal use and enjoyment.
  • Make as many copies of their digital music files as they would like for their own personal use. This freely allows consumers to copy their MP3s on any number of their own computers in various locations, as well as on to their portable MP3 hardware players.
  • "Burn" their music files onto compact discs for their own personal use.
  • Copy and distribute their music files to members of their immediate family.
However, M-Club also strongly supports the rights of musicians and other copyright holders to decide how and where their music is distributed. We believe that artists, songwriters, publishers and record labels should be financially compensated for their work. Although there is a lot of public misunderstanding over these issues, the U.S. copyright law and the 1997 NET Act are very clear about protecting these creator's rights. As such, we ask our customers (and all MP3 users) to comply with these laws by:
  • Not distributing copies of their digital music files to people outside their own immediate family, without permission of the copyright holder. This includes making unauthorized, full-length MP3s available to others through Email, compact discs, FTP sites and file-sharing utilities such as Napster, Gnutella etc. Whether for commercial gain or not, this behavior is against the law.
  • Supporting artists and labels that are making their music catalogs available for sale legitimately in MP3. By respecting their trust, it will encourage others to do the same.
We thank you for your interest and support of legitimate downloadable music. If you have questions or feedback about this document, please send email to:

Legal info for authors and record labels

  All available materials presented at Media-Club are licensed for distribution via Internet in accordance with:

  State Government Enterprise UACRR is the member of CISAC and on the basis of the current legislation has rights to collect the royalty in favour of authors who delegate their own rights for getting royalty, in favour of author's communities which are concluded the contracts for representing interests on the appointed territory, and also in favour of other authors with further royalty payment.

  For more detailed information about UACRR activity and concluding a contract with you or your record label please visit their website
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